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Is it time to explore the possibility filing lawsuits, child abuse reports and criminal complaints against people who deliberately separate you from your children?


For many parents, their "crime" is simply being legally outmaneuvered.

Our first goal is to clearly outline your constitutional rights regarding your relationship to your children. The good news is that the right in the care, custody, companionship and control of your child is a fundamental liberty interest (on the same plane as freedom of speech) with heightened due process protection. If you are a fit, biological parent and a court has significantly restricted access to your child against your wishes, then both you and your child have quite possibly suffered civil rights violations. It's that simple.


Our country is in the midst of a  judicial crisis: inalienable parental rights are being decimated by a family court system that is out-of-control and entirely out-of-alignment with the

U.S. Constitution. Tragically, countless parent-child relationships are being illegally severed.

We seek to protect and restore this precious bond of affection

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This is the Jim Crow of the 21st century: parental rights violations are natural rights violations that cut to the genetic level.

The documentary Divorce Corp. represents a start in terms of understanding the corruption underlying this industry that consumes $50-60 billion dollars annually.

Perhaps the most insidious aspect of  the system is the manner  by government is increasingly injecting itself into the domain of parental privacy to determine the best interest of the child.

The major players (lawyers, mental health professionals and judges) get away with illegal unethical activities because they can. Ultimately, we hope this site contributes to finding a solution. The good news is that the truth is on our side.


If you don't have the resources to retain counsel, we welcome you to draw from the free resources that we will be providing on this site.

We want to stress that this site is geared for both mothers and fathers. . .

This is a brand new site, launched in early  February 2016.

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