How We Can SUPPORT You


However, we can offer the following:

     1. Teleconferences. You are not alone. We're looking into holding weekly nationwide teleconferences.

     2. Library. We have collectively logged tends of thousands of hours battling this system. We will gladly share our materials, which include:    

  • An overview of how the family court system operates
  • An overview of Law 101. It's not rocket science, folks.
  • Articles about almost every facet of family law
  • A 50+ page table containing citations from almost every federal case authority pertaining to parental rights
  • Letters for opposing counsel
  • Letters for therapists who are being unreasonable
  • Memoranda of points and authorities that can be used in trial court
  • Appellate briefs
  • Briefs for state supreme courts
  • Writs of certiori for the U.S. Supreme Court
  • Federal motions
  • Section 1983 lawsuits
  • Child abuse reports (CPS, police, sheriff, FBI) against anyone who deliberately messes with your relationship with your children
  • Civil lawsuits

PLEASE BE PATIENT! We don't want to "throw everything up at once." If you need something in particular, contact us and we'll try to accommodate you asap.

*This being said, most attorneys don't know the law, and those who do are either afraid or unwilling to assert the law on your behalf before a judge who is either afraid or unwilling to abide by the rule of law.