The preservation of freedom and prosperity is rooted in the understanding that, in the absence of a deterrent, a bully or tyrant will stop at nothing. During the Cold War, the U.S.S.R. left the U.S.A alone because it knew that it would get nuked by the U.S.A if it crossed the line.

The family court system is full of bullies and tyrants. Some make $450/hour ripping innocent little children away from fit, biological parents. Like pedophiles in football factories, they perpetrate this evil because theybelieve they can do so with impunity. We believe we can change this misconception through education.


School's out.

If you are a fit parent, then you have a fundamental right in the care, custody, companionship and control of your child. This right cannot be diluted by the State unless it satisfies stringent burdens in accordance with the due process standards established by federal judicial authorities.  That this fundamental liberty interest is more precious than any other right protected under the United States Constitution is beyond debate. The reason this right has heightened protection is that your child needs your protection. Perhaps you're not a perfect parent; few are. Despite this, the U.S. Supreme Court has held that you (not a therapist or mediator) know the best interests of your children. This remains true until the State satisfies the burden of producing particularized findings subject to at least clear and convincing evidence. If someone - say, an attorney - has deliberately used the complexities of the court system in order to significantly dilute this right through lies, deception, exaggeration, false allegations, etc., then this person has arguably violated both your civil rights andyour child's civil rights.

We see no reason why this argument should be transmitted into courtrooms.

Let's  view this in perspective. If an attorney accidentally rear ends you and injures you, the attorney is liable for damages. If this is true, then shouldn't the same attorney be subject to monetary damages and criminal prosecution if he/she deliberately violates ethical, legal and moral standards by separating you from your children? 

Because the playground supervisors (judges) have allowed their courtrooms to become bullying grounds, things have devolved into a sort of Wild West lawlessness; previously unthinkable categories of actions warrant exploration. These include, but are not limited to,

          A. Filing child abuse allegations against attorneys with the police, the sheriff, CPS, FBI and even international agencies (Hague.)

          B. Asking the D.A. to prosecute anyone for child abuse who knowingly violate the parent-child bond of affection.

          C. Filing pain and suffering/alienation of affections civil lawsuits.

          D. Filing Section 1983 lawsuits against the county or state.

Chances of prevailing are slim. But many of us have nothing to lose. According to the U.S. Supreme Court, the Due Process is offended by the unnecessary separation of a parent from his/her child. Accordingly, if someone - say, an attorney - has committed a human rights violation by separating you from your  children, then we see no reason why Justice would be offended by a $2,000,000 lawsuit? Worst case, the perpetrator of these acts of moral turpitude will convince the judge to issue a summary judgment (i.e. throw the case out) and stick you with attorney feels. But how does this person collect?  

Stay tuned as we explore creative solutions.





Filing lawsuits and child abuse allegations