Pro Se Way   -  Reveals secrets legal insiders don't want you to know, including judicial immunity.LOADS of citations!!!

End Parental Alienation -  Linda Gottleib Kase, LMFT & LSCW-R is deeply committed to fighting parental alienation. If the court system is being used to separate you from your child, Linda may prove to be an invaluable resource. She provides, among other things, FREE amicus letters requesting that onerous therapeutic restrictions (i.e. custody evaluations) be removed. Moreover, Linda is willing to testify via Skype in court proceedings.

ParentalRights.Org - Must visit! Motto is, "Protecting Children by Empowering Parents." Articulately exposes government's agenda to supplant parental authority.

FathersUnite.Org - Loaded site. Thousands of pages of case law, templates, pdfs of motions. Site shows you how to get your case into a federal court

Weightier Matter - Attorney Cole Stuart urges that members in San Diego's family law community - including judges - be prosecuted for racketeering under RICO. Of particular interest is his attack on judicial immunity.  Case is before the U.S. 9th Circuit.

SAVE - Exposes the truth about domestic violence restraining orders and how false allegations drive this culture.

National Coalition For Foster Parent Allegation Reform- False allegations are at the heart of unjust parent-child separation. This site has a summary of parental rights cases and a concise rendering of the elements of a Section 1983 claim. - The accusers are the abusers. Sociopaths and perjury lie at the heart of the culture of restraining orders.

Leon Kozial.Com - Dr. Leon Koziol, J.D., is civil rights attorney and family law reformist passionately working for court reform and family rights. 

Sacramento Family Court Report- Blog offering insight into attorney misconduct and racketeering.

Children's Pulse- Lots of intelligent parents coming together with loads of resources.

Dr. Craig Childress, Psy.D.- One of the foremost authorities on parental attachments/alienation.

ILoveandNeedMyDaughter - Blog loaded with all sorts of links and information, including a former police officer arguing that preventing a parent from seeing his/her children is a human rights violation.


Thousands of sites are already up. We'll be populating this page gradually. Please contact us with a link to your favorite site!